There's hope available if you seek it. A hope that can create change in your life and help you see things differently. Regardless of where you are in life. That's the reason why I get out of bed every morning; because I have this hope, and far be it from me to keep it only to myself. 


It truly is rewarding when you have the opportunity to instill hope and provide the supports required for someone to be able to find the confidence and tools needed to create a positive change in their lives and learn to cope with difficult situations.


I am a registered Social Worker & Clinical Therapist. 

I AM NOT THE SMILE AND NOD THERAPIST. I like to get to work and start talking about what needs to change. I DO NOT SUGAR COAT ANYTHING. I will call you on your stuff and help you see things through a different lens. YOUR STORY WILL NOT SHOCK ME. After so many years in this field, nothing you'll say will shock me. So there's nothing to be ashamed of. 


I received my Masters of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University and my Bachelors from York University.  


I went into social work because of my commitment to change. Whether its battling the injustice we live in or the inner battles we experience that are shaped by our own unique stories, we all might pass a time in our lives where we long to see change happen. With my role as a therapist, I am committed to helping you reach the desired change your are seeking. I will work in partnership with you to help you discover your potential for change and help you achieve your goals and move toward living a fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life.